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JobDescription - Manager Collection

  • Working on unsettled accounts & due payments & follow up the Clients to collect the outstanding amount (through Mail, Text, Phone or Visits).
  • Working to place invoices in various Clients.
  • The incumbent has to build relationships with key clients to ensure timely collections are made.
  • Working on disputed cases with the client.
  • Working on basic administrative duties. 
  • Collecting the monthly dues or collection from the clients.
  • Need to update management with the collection pipeline on daily basis.
  • Working on MOU submission & documents related work.
  • He will be responsible for collection efficiency and cost of collections for the assigned area or clients.
  • The incumbent has to ensure that the collection team adheres to the legal guidelines provided by the law in force.
  • The incumbent will be involved in coordinating and liaison with legal team to ensure legal action is taken on specified cases.
  • The incumbent has to manage productivity by fixing productivity parameters for his teams monitoring performance against set parameters and daily review the same.
  • The incumbent will be responsible to identify and manage training needs for the executives.

Job Location: Noida

EmploymentType:Permanent Job, Full Time


Education: Graduateor Post Graduate

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