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About CMD

Mr. VPS Mainee a dynamic and innovative entrepreneur is the Founding Chairman & Managing Director of Mainee Group of Industries - multicrore scaffolding manufacturing, marketing and rental companies.

After graduating in Law and leaving a lucrative job with a MNC, he decided to endeavor into scaffolding renting venture with minimum capital. And then there was no looking back. He took some amazing risks and what followed was a succession of projects.

He believes that attitude is everything and owes much of his success to his self confidence and urge to grow. Rated potentially for his business acumen, the Mainee Group under his leadership have attained a benchmark in quality, bulk production, timely deliveries, competitive rates and above all innovations.

The success of VPS Mainee goes to prove that winning through hard work is what obsession entrepreneurship all about for which he has been honored with BUSINESS SPHERE AWARD 2006, RASHTRIYA RATTAN AWARD 2007-08, BUSINESS SPHERE AWARDS 2010 & BUSINESS SPHERE AWARDS 2017.